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Local Educational Programming for Solar Cooking
with The Solar Sisters

Academic lessons, taught within the context of life experiences, provide a richness and depth of understanding for students that is impactful personally, cognitively, and socially. To achieve this kind of impact, we propose a wonderful education tool - the Solar Oven. These ovens use concentrated sunlight directed at a cooking surface or into a cooking space to cook all types of foods using a variety of methods. By introducing this tool to students, and incorporating Solar Cooking into the curriculum, students embrace and explore not only STEM but other disciplines as well - Social Science, Geography, Political Science, Language Arts, Art, and more. Solar Cookers lend themselves perfectly to lessons that are inquiry-based, project-based and interdisciplinary. Students are motivated by the personal and real world implications of Solar Cooking, and they love the fact that, with creativity and understanding of fundamental physical science concepts, they can design and engineer an oven capable of cooking a meal with sunlight.

The Solar Sisters offer four educational programs:

The Solar Express Suitcase program includes lesson plans, activities, experiments, panel ovens, recipes and materials. The suitcase offers teachers, summer camps, after school programs and clubs opportunities for group interaction and self-paces exploration of principles related to the science of solar cooking.

The Solar Snacks program lets participants discover joys of solar cooking using all five senses. Instructors discuss basic concepts using DARE, and demonstrate safe use and cooking. Participants taste solar cooked snacks.

The Build and Cook program emphasizes hands-on building of cookers by pattern or through innovation. Students are introduced to the science concepts underlying the process of solar thermal cooking. A panel cooker pattern is shared with students, or they may choose to create an alternate oven design through the Engineering Design Process.

Extensions programs empower students to become the teacher and explain the basic principles of solar cooking to others. Extensions may focus on business, language arts, audio visual, community, and more. Sharing knowledge is a critical component of solar cooking advocacy and education.

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