The people who care the most are often already working hard
to improve the quality of life in their communities.
GDS supports these grass-roots efforts through facilitation of projects and networking.

GDS sponsored SolSource and Solar Oven Training at Korando Educational Center
in Kisumu, Kenya

Korando Educational Center in Kisumu, Kenya received a SolSource parabolic oven through a donation from Rotary Club of Hubbard, Ohio in 2016. Training was needed in the operation of the solar oven, so in May of 2017, GDS sponsored a two day workshop presented by Faustine Odaba and John Amayo of the non-profit NAREWAMA in Kenya. In addition to instruction on the use of the parabolic, the team also presented information on water pasteurization using solar ovens, construction of panel ovens, use and construction of fireless cooking baskets, and integrated cooking with a gasifier. Forty children and ten adults took part in the workshop. The following foods were cooked and shared: omelettes, ugali - (corn based meal), meat stew, peanuts, sweet potatoes, and a variety of local vegetables.  

Mama Solar (Faustine Odaba), founder of NAREWAMA and Mama Dolfine, founder of Korando Educational Center, take a moment to relax during the busy workshop.
Members of Rotary Club of Hubbard, OH learn about solar cooking using the SolSource parabolic oven - the same oven donated to Korando Educational Center.
Integrated cooking techniques using a gasifier demonstrate how to cook with less fuel, thereby saving money.
Fireless cooking baskets being made by students.
John Amayo of NAREWAMA instructs Better Me Kenya volunteers in water pasteurization techniques using solar cooking.​​

Three Day GDS Educational Workshop
at Korando Educational Center in Kisumu, Kenya 
March, 2018

Camily Wedende spent three days at Korando Educational Center in Kisumu, Kenya conducting a GDS solar cooker educational workshop. Camily was welcomed by the Center and its on site non-profit, Better Me Kenya. Instruction included the science of solar thermal cooking and pasteurization, woodworking skills, safe use of tools, and construction of three solar box ovens. The workshop culminated in the cooking of meat, eggs, and rice in the three box ovens made on site.

Camily Wedende​​

"I think that phenomenon based learning is a great way to teach children different aspects and having a real outcome, the cookers, ensures that our science teachers can use them in further classes."
                 Simon Kuhnert
                 Program Coordinator
                 Korando Educational Center

GDS is proud to partner with other grassroots organizations
to support the 2nd International Workshop for
Clean Cooking and Food Processing
in Kampala, Uganda.​